Visual Development

Backgrounds, concept art, art direction.

Client Projects

Slime Rancher Banners

Banners made for Monomi Park's first game anniversary and various other promotional material. 2017


Visual development work for keyholegame.com. 2016-2017

Ira + Eva

12-16 page children's activity book, currently being developed and produced under the direction of ETA Agency (Long Beach, CA) for a water conservation group based out of the Redlands. 2017

Coming Soon

Personal Projects

Mobile Expense Tracker

Work in progress project learning about app development from design to code. 2018-Present

Chicken Stickerset

Work in progress custom messaging app stickers. 2017-Hiatus

An Origin Story

Visual development for an abandoned personal project exploring anxiety through a story about how shadows are actually made of tiny little birds. 2016