Photoshop Tools Intro

Made a quick tutorial that shows how to use basic photoshop tools that I've found myself relying on the most.

  • Adjustment layers: specifically the hue/saturation slider in this case, allows for quick color correction.
  • Lasso tool: for sharp edges.
  • Alpha lock: useful for painting in a pre-defined area.
  • x shortcut: for toggling between foreground + background colors; makes blending easy!
  • ctrl/cmd click: quickly change current active layer. Especially useful if you’re burdened with too many layers (or just very disorganized)
  • Clipping mask: similar to alpha lock, but can add details without changing/ painting directly on the previous layer.
  • Layer styles: I didn’t use any in this image, but the possibilities for layer styles endless, from simply adding a quick outline (useful for die cut demarcations when making stickers!) to creating more seemingly complex appearances. Here’s a gif of Nick Carver using layer styles (a combo of drop shadows + inner shadows) to quickly make the illusion of snow with simple strokes.

  • Finished image!