March 5, 2019

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

More of a personal update this time.

Hoping to manage making merchandise on throughout the next few months allowing as I've committed to artist alley at LightBox Expo (my first!). I'm thinking sticky notes next 😏😏.

I've drawn a ridiculous amount of food throughout the past few years and it was surprising how difficult it was to draw something so simple keeping in mind that the result had to be flatly lit enough that writing could easily be seen while remaining recognizable. Embarrassingly enough, it took me a few tries.

Everything I make merchandise-wise is secretly inspired by the packaging I want to make. Still a few more ideas I want to test out and have several more breads I want to include, but drew up an initial backing card:

Also dedicating the next 3 months to intensively learning programming :)...