October 16 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Halfway through October and I've been dabbling in a mix of freelance, volunteering, and looking to practice new skills. Have yet to find an ideal balance, but I've been trying out a bit of everything including hackathons, online bootcamps (not for me..), a blend of local events and talks, and online courses (would recommend motiondesign.school in particular; wonderful mix of informative videos of technical techniques with additional engaging practical assignments. Absolutely love it!).

Here's my favorite illustration of the month so far, made to help promote Klasse14 watches. I wanted to capture the feeling the design gave me: a mysterious, otherworldly yet familiar object, combined with the colors that reminded me of the moon; a bright light in a seemingly empty space.

Continuing on with practicing motion graphics, I spent the last few weeks focusing on animating in aftereffects with walkcycles while creating concepts for a larger, more narrative driven project on the backburner. Had to completely change the way I approached illustration, relying more heavily on basic shapes and reducing extraneous unique details, keeping in mind that vector shapes were far more organically animated in the program.